2020 Major League Baseball Prop Bets: Most Stolen Bases

Baseball Jul 14, 2020

With Major League Baseball approaching the on-deck circle, it's time to look at the most attractive proposition wagers.  Today, we're looking at which players are favorites to have the most stolen bases in the (abbreviated) 60-game regular season.

Note that odds are taken from SPREADS.CA, and are current as of July 14th.

Top Favourites:

Adalberto Mondesi – Kansas City Royals (+450)

The Royals switch-hitting shortstop made his MLB debut in the 2015 World Series.  He's steadily improved his stats each year, including stolen bases.  Last season, Mondesi took 43 bags, good for second most in the majors.  One expects an improved Royals team might be in contention this shortened season, and Mondesi is entering the prime of his career.  He deserves to be among the top contenders to lead baseball in steals.

Trea Turner – Washington Nationals (+625)

Over the past four seasons, the Nationals shortstop ranks third in the majors with 157 stolen bases. He has never stolen fewer than 33 bases when healthy.  Last season, he posted 35 steals, fourth in the league.  Perhaps more important, his on-base percentage has improved in recent years.  More times on bases means more steal attempts, and likely more successful steals.  Turner looks to be a steal at this price.

Two Longshots:

Jerrod Dyson – Pittsburgh Pirates (+2500)

Dyson made a big move this past week, jumping from +3500 down to +2500.  The Pirates outfielder started 130 games playing for the Arizona Diamondbacks in 2019 – where he took 30 stolen bases.  Dyson's success rate is stellar, as well, since he was caught stealing just four times last year.  The Pirates will likely finish last in the division, so there's no reason to play cautiously.  If Dyson can get on base enough times, he's a very live longshot to steal enough bases to offer one of the best values on the board.

Luis Roberts – Chicago White Sox (+8100)

If you really seek a longshot, take a look at the Chisox outfielder.  He posted some impressive numbers in the minors, which shows promise.  The 22-year-old stole 36 bases in 2019 with three different teams. He posted a solid batting average and could emerge as a reliable starter and star player.  Yes, this is a flyer, but in prop betting categories like stolen bases, sometimes players come out of nowhere and leave a mark.  Roberts could be that player, this season – especially if the White Sox improve (resulting in more plate appearances for the top of the lineup), as predicted.

Note that USA Today has an excellent overview on this prop, which can be read in full HERE.


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