2021 NFL Regular Season Schedule Released

NFL May 13, 2021

The National Football League has become a year-around operation.  There seems to be no such thing as an "off season."

Last week, we finished up with the NFL Draft.  Countless experts and analysts spent tens of thousands of man hours grading the picks of each team.  It's almost a sport in and of itself.

This week, the release of the 2021 NFL Regular Season is the big news.  Of course, the NFL being as public relations savvy as they are, milks this release of new information for every precious drop from a prized cow.

What we're interested in is – how does this news impact odds and betting?  How does the release of the 17-game/18-week schedule impact the win projections of each team, along with futures odds on division winners, conference winners, and the ultimate Super Bowl champion?

Right now, sportsbooks are scrambling to make adjustments, and SPREADS.CA is no different.  New categories are being added.  Odds are posted, and are shifting.  It's a fluid time to bet the NFL, with so much going on.  This doesn't even take into account possible breaking news any moment that a player the calibre of Aaron Rodgers might leave Green Bay and sign with a new team.

In the coming weeks and months, we'll be updating POINTSPREADS.CA with new information and analysis on the latest developments.  As a tease, here's some new info on the game lines and totals for NFL Week #1: