2021 NHL Playoff Picture Slowly Coming Into Focus

NHL May 09, 2021

Each night, we get a slightly clearer picture of what the NHL playoffs will look like. With only one week left to go in the regualr season, first-round matchups are gradually coming into focus.


Here's a short FAQ from the site:

NHL Playoffs FAQ

  • When do the 2021 NHL playoffs start?
  • The NHL regular season ends Wednesday May 19, 2021. The playoffs start a few days later.  Exact schedules are TBD.
  • How many teams make the playoffs?
  • 16 of the 31 league teams make the playoffs, four from each of the four division. This produces 8 first round matchups. There are no first round byes.
  • What teams have clinched a playoff spot or have been eliminated from the playoffs?
  • Check out the standings page for detailed information (click below):
  • NHL North Division Standings
  • NHL East Division Standings
  • NHL Central Division Standings
  • NHL West Division Standings
  • What is the format of the NHL Playoffs?
  • All 4 rounds : Best 4 out of 7.

Several teams have clinched playoff spots and know their exact seeds.  These playoff-bound teams include – Toronto, Edmonton, Pittsburgh, Washington, Carolina, Nashville, and St. Louis.  Many other teams are locks to get in also, but don't yet know their seedings in the divisions and conferences.

Only Carolina and Nashville know who precisely they will play in the first round – each other!

Here's the latest odds to hoist the 2021 Stanley Cup from SPREADS.CA: