And the best team in the NFL is....?

NFL Nov 21, 2021

Sunday was another bloodbath for many top teams, which leaves the question – who's the NFL's best team right now?

Sunday was ugly for many of the NFL's "best teams."

Note that we put that in quotation marks.  Apparently, "best" doesn't really mean the best.

Consider the most glaring example of yet another wacky week for fans and bettors:

-- The team many consider as the "worst" team in the NFL beat one of the top teams, on the road, no less.  Houston's upset at Tennessee was a shocker.
-- It's not a huge surprise that Indianapolis beat Buffalo (as +7 underdogs).  What was surprising was the ease at how it happened.  The Colts destroyed the Bills by 26, on the road!
-- Many thought the Packers were/are the best team in the NFL, but they lost their third game of the season, dropping a critical game at Minnesota on a last-second field goal.
-- Carolina was thought to be a serious playoff contender after whacking Arizona last week.  But Washington came into Charlotte and upset Cam Newton and the Panthers, winning by 6.
-- Not that almost-winning counts, but Detroit nearly beat Cleveland (and covered easily) and Chicago probably should have won against Baltimore, but lost in the closing seconds.

Oh, and Dallas (8-2 coming into this week) lost.  And, who can forget the LA Rams getting punked in San Francisco last Monday night?

Does anyone want to seize the day and take control as the NFL's favourite to win the Super Bowl?  Right now, it looks like a mosh pit of mediocrity.  Seriously, 15 teams are within 2 games of making the playoffs in the NFC.  The AFC is just as chaotic.