Are You Ready for Some Football? (Next Year's Super Bowl Futures are Posted!)

NFL Feb 15, 2022 lists odds on all NFL teams to win next year's Super Bowl

Okay, that sounds crazy to ask "Are you ready for some football" days after the Super Bowl.

But you can already bet on the winner of next year's Super Bowl.  Oddsmakers at have listed the favorites for Super Bowl LVII, which will be played in Glendale, Arizona.

Here's a look at the full menu of 32 teams and their odds to win:

Immediately, you'll notice that the team that won Super Bowl LVI this past Sunday is NOT the favorite to win Super Bowl LVII.  Shocker!  The LA Rams are +1000, which makes them 10-1 to win it.

The Cincinnati Bengals, who came within only a play or two of winning this year's Super Bowl aren't getting much respect, either (they're +1400). And, whoever bets on the Dallas Cowboys (also +1400) might as well take their cash and flush it down a toilet. Light it on fire. Order an expensive bottle of champagne. Do anything with your money, but don't throw it away on the Cowboys.

For longshot lovers, there are plenty of attractive futures, as well. The Eagles, Raiders, and Steelers are all +4000 or higher, despite making the playoffs this past season. For a real longshot, you can bet the Texans, Jets, or Lions at +15000

At that price, give us the Lions as the NFL shocker next season!


The Packers (+1600), Titans (+2200), and Chargers (+2500) are all standout futures plays.  If we had to make a Super Bowl bet right now, we'd probably put some money on the Packers and then hope Aaron Rodgers plans on returning. Recall this same drama prior to last season.

In the AFC, we love the Titans' bet at that number. Despite a horrific playoff game hosting Cincinnati where they threw away the win, this is still the team finished as the number 1 seed in a tough conference, and that's in spite of missing their top player for nearly half the season. If the Titans stays healthy, there's no reason the Titans shouldn't be able to get back in the playoffs, especially since they play in one of the worst divisions in football.

As for the Chargers, who always seems to be a dark horse pick among "experts," they do have one of the most exciting quarterbacks in football. After going 9-8 last season and barely missing the post-season, they're going to be even better in 2022. At 25-to-1 odds to win it all, that's a bet worth making.

Oh, and the Lions at +15000! Next year's Bengals? Bet on the cats.