Betting Futures: Wagering Today and Winning Tomorrow

Other Mar 01, 2022

"The future starts today, not tomorrow."
-- Pope John Paul II

What if you could see into the future? How much money could you make if you knew which players will perform well and what teams will win?

Answer: You would make a fortune.

A futures wager is a bet on an event, series, player, or award that will finish sometime in the future. The most common types of futures are wagers on which teams will win a championship -- such as the Super Bowl or Stanley Cup. But team championships just scratches the surface when it comes to all the many options available at


Futures betting is derived from a stock practice called "buying futures." Investors buy up shares of almost everything, from petrodollars to pork bellies, speculating on if the prices will rise or fall. Sports futures are much the same thing, except that they involve teams and players. Futures betting allows a bettor to "be in action" for a long time, even for an entire season. So, it's not just potentially profitable, it's also fun to follow.

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When betting futures, disregard season-long records and stats. Instead, focus on how players and teams have performed more recently.

For instance, few predicted the Atlanta Braves would win the 2021 World Series based on their W-L results over the full season. However, the Braves entered the playoffs as a hot team and offered great value as a futures bet. They were underrated and were listed as high as 20-1 odds as a futures bet when last year's playoffs began.

Pro Tip: Focus on what's happening right now, not the distant past.