Betting on Bandy: Ice Hockey on a Frozen Soccer Field and Non-Stop Action!

Other Jan 07, 2022

Let's talk about Bandy.

No, not Brandy.


Think of ice hockey, only on steroids....

Bandy – Ice hockey with a ball played on a soccer field

The short description:  Bandy is ice hockey, only it's played with a ball instead of a puck, with bigger nets.  So, there's more scoring.  It's played on an ice rink the size of a soccer field.  Wow!  Speed skating and action, non stop.

Like soccer, each team has 11 players (10 skaters, plus a goalie).

The games time frame is in two halves, of 45 minutes each.  

And the playing surface (ice) is much bigger, like a football field – which makes it ideally suited for the outdoors.  

That's it!  

Bandy is very tough to play because it's so physical.  But, it's also simple to learn.  And very easy to bet on!  And fun to watch!

Check out this video.  Exciting!

For those who think the fast skating and contact makes for a more violent sport, it's just the opposite.  Bandy requires finesse.  

Controlling the ball (puck) demands teamwork.  Rarely are there errant deflection goals or accidental wins when one team gets "lucky."  In Bandy, the better team – the team that skates better, shoots better, and plays better as a team – wins just about all the time.

This also makes Bandy a very exciting, and to some degree, predictable sport for wagering, with definite patterns which can be used to the gamblers' advantage.

Here's a short video on the rules of Bandy:

The best Bandy teams are on Europe – mostly Scandinavian countries and Russia, which currently dominate world competitions.

However, Canada had fielded a very competitive Bandy team for many years.  The United States is also getting into the sport, with a national team.

SPREADS.CA will soon be offering betting on Bandy.  The new season opened in many countries this past week.  Action will continue through the winter, into 2021.

Upcoming odds are posted here: