Betting on the 2021 NFL Draft

NFL Apr 29, 2021

Can you bet on the 2021 NFL Draft?

Yes, you can!

For NFL followers, there are two ways to look at the draft – first, from a fan's perspective and second, from a bettor's perspective.  These two ways of looking at the same event can be very different.  Knowing the teams isn't enough.  Those who follow front offices and have experience with fantasy sports probably have advantages when it comes to betting on draft props.

The 2021 NFL Draft will take place starting tonight, Thursday April 29th live from Cleveland.  It will look and feel more like a stage show than a sports draft.  The first round will be featured in its entirety on opening night with 32 selections.  This is by far the most interesting and exciting time for most fans, though betting outcomes will be settled in the following days, as well.

According to most NFL Draft analysts and the betting markets, the first two selections appear to be set.  They are near-certain, barring some unexpected course of events.  Hence, the real questions pertain to the picks and wagers on the remaining 30 picks in the first round.

Here are some of the NFL Draft props listed at SPREADS.CA.


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