Betting on the U.S. Presidential Election [Video]

Other Nov 01, 2020

Here are the latest odds on this Tuesday's U.S. presidential election at SPREADS.CA

Here's a video discussion on the election with six gamblers, including myself. Read more about this program below.

A few months ago, Matt Lessinger and I created "An Intelligent Conversation," a weekly discussion about issues, ideas, and current events.  The goal was to talk about things we think are interesting -- without the shouting and divisiveness.  We also hoped to have lots of fun.

Well, mission accomplished.  We've now completed our 7th show.

This special edition runs nearly 3 hours and includes 4 excellent guests. We discuss the 2020 presidential election in some detail, along with our predictions.

We also added some guests on this show.  The all-star panel includes Dr. Arthur Reber (former professor of psychology at Brooklyn College); Dr. David Croson (full professor of economics at the University of Minnesota), Larry Greenfield (attorney and investor and former head of the Ronald Reagan Institute and the Claremont Institute); and Vin Narayanan (former USA writer and editor and elections analyst).

The first 45 minutes is a one-on-one face-off discussion of possible election issues.  Then, the next 1:15 includes a full round-table conversation about the election.  The final 45 minutes or so is a free-for-all, with far more give and take.  Our final election predictions are included in the final 15 minutes.

This unscripted conversation was recorded on Saturday, Oct. 31, 2020, and runs about 2:58 minutes.