The Day After Christmas: Betting the "Santa Parlay"

Other Dec 25, 2020

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What does the "boosted parlay" mean?  

Short answer:  The payout odds are boosted, which makes for a nice little overlay.  

Call this a gift to gamblers.

Note that the actual odds of this three-team parlay are 9.37 to 1.  But with the boost, the payout is 12 to 1.

Okay, so what's this thing called the Santa Parlay?  Sounds crazy, huh.

Well, check out each of the three team involved in the parlay:

Arizona Cardinals

Kansas City Chiefs

Team Canada (World Juniors Championship)

What's the common thread here?  RED and WHITE.  Just like Santa.  Cardinals, Chiefs, and Team Canada all have red and white uniforms.

Will the Santa parlay cash?  Who knows?  But hey, it pays 12-1 with the boost.  Get down now at SPREADS.CA, Canada's best bet!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!