Baseball's Opening Day: Bet the Grand Salami!

Baseball Mar 31, 2021

Play ball!  Major League Baseball is back!

The 2021 regular season begins on April 1st, which is no April Fools joke.

Fifteen games will be played on Thursday.  That means we have lots of betting opportunities and action.

One of most interesting props that's a daily feature on baseball betting is called the GRAND SALAMI.  

What's the GRAND SALAMI?

The concept is simple:  A GRAND SALAMI is just a total (also known as an over/under) on runs score.  However, instead of determining the total of a single game, we are trying to predict the entire combined scores of every team in every game within a particular league.  So, betting the GRAND SALAMI means we have action on every game that day!  

In general, the GRAND SALAMI is only used for betting on baseball – and hockey, as well.  GRAND SALAMI hockey betting means wagering on how many goals are scored in all games played that day/night.

What's the GRAND SALAMI for Baseball's Opening Day?

Try this – 140.5 runs!  You can bet OVER or UNDER 140.5 runs being scored in the 15 games scheduled for April 1st.  Note that wagers must be in by 10:05 am on the day of the games.

Here's the prop at SPREADS.CA: