Betting Tutorial: How to Calculate U.S. Odds to Decimal [Video]

Other Jul 21, 2021

There's some confusion between Canadian and American betting markets and the primary ways that both list the odds on sporting events.

Most American-based sportsbooks use moneyline betting.  Many Canadian-based sportsbooks use decimal-based betting.  SPREADS.CA offers both options. However, the primary method is decimal listing.  Here on POINTSPREADS.CA, we go back and forth on this, occasionally using each method.

There's a site called UNDERDOG CHANCE that has a number of helpful tools for sports bettors.  They recently released a detailed video on how to convert U.S. odds to decimal, and vice-versa.  I thought it would be of interest to many readers to check out this tutorial on ways to calculate odds, using several examples.

Check it out:

For the math geeks out there who like to do things the old-fashioned way:

Convert decimal odds to US odds:

  • =ifs(K>2, ((K-1(*100), K<2, (-100)/(K-1), K=2,"+100")
  • K...decimal odds / example: 1.70​

Convert US odds to decimal odds:

  • =IFS(K<100,(abs(100/K))+1,K>100,(K/100)+1,K=100, 2, K=-100, 2)
  • K...US odds / example: -120