Big Bat Signed by Blue Jays: Power Hitter George Springer Leaves Houston for Toronto

Baseball Jan 21, 2021

Late last night while most baseball teams and fans were sleeping, the Toronto Blue Jays did exactly what they needed to do.

They went out on the free agent market and signed one of the most hotly-coveted prospects, George Springer – formally with the Houston Astros.

On Tuesday night, Springer agreed to a massive six-year deal with Toronto.

Some facts about the signing:

  • Springer agreed to a six-year, $150 million deal.
  • The 31-year-old outfielder spent the first seven years of his career with Houston.  He's a three-time All-Star who has shined in the postseason, putting up his best power numbers when it matters most.  Springer is currently ranked fourth on the all-time playoff home runs list.
  • Springer's 2020 season was as follows: .265 batting average with 14 homers, 32 RBIs and 37 runs in the shortened 60-game season.

Here's a look at Springer's career numbers:

Will Springer shift the balance of power in the stacked AL East, already loaded with two championship contenders – the Rays and Yankees?  Shift might be too strong a word.  But Springer's addition to the lineup does significantly boost the Blue Jays chances to not only reach the post-season but win a competitive division likely to do down to the final innnings next September.

Here's the latest numbers at SPREADS.CA.  The Blue Jays dropped slightly to 35-1 odds to win the World Series.  They're about 7-1 to win the AL East:

Nicely done, Blue Jays.  Springer's bat and playoff experience will help a younger, inexperienced team looking to take the next step towards baseball's elite teams.