Bills-Chiefs Postgame Rant

NFL Jan 24, 2021


1.  KC deserved to win the game. From the Chiefs' very first drive, you could tell they were the superior team. Plain as day.

2.  I absolutely hated the coach's decision for Buffalo to kick a FG at end of the first half. Hey, Buffalo: You are against playing the Kansas City Chiefs in their crib! Chip shot FGs won't win this game. It's like taking a butter knife to a gun fight. Gutless!

3.  BUF looked confused most of the time, especially on defense. I know KC can make any defense look bad. But the defensive secondary was running around like a Chinese fire drill. And the linebacking corps might as well have taken the day off.

4.  Note to the Bills' defense. TACKLING is part of your job. I think it's listed in the contract someplace. If not, you might want to add it and work on the basics in the offseason. You got punked. You embarrassed yourselves.

5.  BUF will take this game as a learning experience. Growing pain. The nucleus is there for a winner. But that won't ease the misery of long-suffering Bills fans.

6.  TE Kelce was a beast. What did he catch, 85 balls in this game? Note to Bills DC: Stick a LB on that guy. He's really, really good.

7.  I wasn't a fan of QB Josh Allen when he came into the league. I was wrong. I'm now converted. I think he's tough. I think he's a winner. He got zippo help from Bills' WRs in this game, who were flatfooted as fucking duckwalkers. Allen kept on slinging. Mad props to him.

8.  I didn't see any Super Bowl numbers yet, but my guess is KC -3.5 and O/U of 58.

9.  If Andy Reid wins another Super Bowl (in two weeks), should he be in the conversation for "greatest head coach of all time?" How about Top 5? How about Top 10? I think his lifetime win percentage is up there as high as anyone (Belichick higher for sure, but Reid has to be close). And given that Reid hasn't had a great QB until the last three seasons, whereas most of the other great coaches had great QBs most of their career, we might want to put him in the conversation. I rank him #6 or #7 at the moment, but that could rise.

10.  For those who don't like hype, you might want to skip the next two weeks. All we are going to hear is Brady vs. Mahomes. It will be unbearable. Hell, it's already unbearable.

ADDENDUM:  All you people who "boycotted the NFL" sure missed one helluva' season. Remember those voices? I'm sure they're not watching any of these games. Sucks to be them. Yes, that's sarcasm.