Boosted Odds on the Canada-USA Rematch (here's a 34-1 shot, if the game is played!)

Oh-Canada Feb 15, 2022

Every sports fan in North American wants to see.........

....... "the rematch."

Canada versus Team USA.  Semi-finals.  Olympic gold medal, at stake.  Line up. Get ready to rumble!

A week after Team USA upset Canada 4-2 in the Group A matchup (the horror!  the horror!), the two bitter one-ice rivals have eyes on each other to play again, next time for much higher stakes.

Fortunately, SPREADS.CA is on the scene.  We want this game --— to happen. We want it so bad, we're giving away money.  So, we're juicing up the odds on the game even happening at all, which admittedly will take some dominos to fall sideways.

For the Canadians to play the Americans in the semis, four things absolutely must happen. The odds on this outcome are about 26-1.  But we want this rematch so bad, that we're BOOSTING THE ODDS up top 34-1.

Who's in?  Anyone love hockey action?  Who doesn't love a great boost, and a freeroll?