It's Time to Brag: Our "Bet of the Day" Wins....and Pays 11 to 1

Other Dec 16, 2020

You may want to pay closer attention to the "Bet of the Day" feature here on the POINTSPREADS.CA site, which is affiliated with the popular Canadian sports betting site, SPREADS.CA.

This exclusive daily feature is usually located at the right side of the Main Page.  It's listed right below the feature stories.  Every day, we post bets we think are attractively priced, including long shots, which are worth considering.  The feature is also posted directly on the SPREADS.CA page, which takes all the action.

Our "Bet of the Day" picks are ahead over the past two months, though picking sports winners can always be volatile.  How's that for a free offering, with a link straight to the sports book?  

However, yesterday's recommendation was something to really brag about.  So, let us pump our fists and take a bow.

Here's the pick from yesterday, in the English Premier League.  We liked the game thought by many to be a completed mismatch to end in a draw.  At SPREADS.CA, the draw paid 11 to 1 on the Manchester City-West Brom game.

Well, look here!

Final score:  1-1

Of course, past results are no guarantee of future profits.  But you may want to open an account at SPREADS.CA and take advantage, when you see a bet that tempts you.

Now, on to the next game.