Breakfast Bets, Lunch Bets, and Dinner Bets: Friday's Tasty Wagering Menu

Other Aug 07, 2020

We're now one full week into four major team sports being played at the same time – with games in the NBA, NHL, MLB, and MLS all taking place this week.

Friday's betting card looks especially appetizing, with several delicious courses from which to chose.

Major League Baseball is well into its fourth week, though there are increasing concerns about its near future given that several games have recently been postponed.  Look for lots of doubleheaders in the weeks ahead.

The NBA is entering its third week of games as teams jockey for playoff seeding.

And, the NHL playoffs will continue with some teams facing elimination.  

There's also Major League Soccer; last night, the two championship finalists were determined for the finale to be played on August 11th.

Here's a look at the latest lines and a few thoughts for bettors:

Major League Baseball

There are 14 games played today and tonight.

Betting Advice:  Take a close look at betting OVERs in many games.  Batting averages are down, but homers are up.  Pitching has dominated many early season games, but that may be changing as hitters get more into a groove of the regular season.  Last night, OVERs went 6-3-1.  It appears that betting totals may have over-adjusted downward to the dominant pitching during the early part of the season.  Now, OVERs look to have value, especially with some bullpens fatigued.  


The NBA features six games played in Orlando.  

Betting Advice:  This is a messy card with several teams going nowhere.  San Antonio shouldn't be laying -8.5 to anyone.  Same with Sacramento laying -5.5.  And, the same with New Orleans.  Lots of points to be giving, even though the opponents don't inspire much confidence.  I'm looking at all the dogs in those matchups – Utah +8.5, Brooklyn +5, and Washington +7.5.  The premier game tonight is the Boston-Toronto game.  The Raptors might be a good value, laying just -2.5.


The NHL playoffs continue.  Six games are scheduled.

Betting Advice:  Scoring seems to be up for the playoffs, but 6 of the last 10 games have gone UNDER the total.  Oddsmakers might be overreacting to recent results in the Edmonton-Chicago game, posting a game total of 6.5 goals.  Even though both teams have been scoring, that's a very high total for a playoff game.  Lean strongly to the contrarian value play, taking the UNDER in that matchup.

It's Never Too Late to Make a Bet

The crowded sports betting landscape means some unusual starting times.  With so many sports going, it's possible to miss the start of a game.  So, in-game wagering is always an option.

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