Breaking News: Idiot Gets Hypnotized, Blows His Bankroll

Other Feb 14, 2021

File this under the -- “you’re not going to believe this one” category.

Some idiot from Phoenix,Arizona attended a magic show in Las Vegas and is now suing the performers and the company that runs the show.

He claims that he was hypnotized during the 2019 performance at Planet Hollywood, which caused him to later lose $47,000 in an undisclosed manner (gambling losses, one suspects).  

Now, two years later, he’s suing the stage performer and the show promoters!

So, let me get this straight.

Dumb tourist dude attends a Las Vegas stage show, somehow gets hypnotized, suffers an undisclosed loss, and then he sues?


Isn’t this the formula for the entire Las Vegas tourist industry?

— coax ’em into coming,

— bombard ’em with stimuli,

— induce ’em to blow their money,

— and put ’em back on the plane?

If this frivilous lawsuit ever hits the courtroom, I sure hope I’m on the jury.  I could use a good laugh.

Here’s a link to the crazy story.