Brooklyn Nets Get Ripped: Pre-Season Favourites Swept in First Round

nba Apr 25, 2022

Pre-season favourites to win 2021-22 NBA championship crash and burn in Round 1 of playoffs

Can you believe the Brooklyn Nets were somehow favoured to win the NBA championship this year?

It's true.

Let the laughter die down.

Not the Phoenix Suns.  Not the Golden State Warriors.  Not the defending champion Milwaukee Bucks.

The Nets.

Bwaaaaaaah, haaaaaaah, haaaaaah.

Back in fall of last year, we openly scoffed at the bizarre public love for a team that had never once proven itself.  It's staggering to think this team was bet all the way down to +225, a huge favourite among all 32 teams, when the regular season tipped off.

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Brooklyn barely scrapped by and made it into the playoffs.  Then, they drew the Boston Celtics in the first round, a good team, but nowhere near the NBA's elite.

Still, some people didn't learn.  When this series began, one of the "experts" at Caesars Sportsbook in Las Vegas made the blunder of the year and installed Brooklyn at the favourite.  Every other sportsbook in Las Vegas had Boston as a decisive favourite.  It's unknown which hot dog stand that Caesars' sportsbook manager is pushing now as we speak.

So, Brooklyn got steamrolled by Boston.  Four games to zip.  The Nets were even favoured in game 4!  They lost 116-112.  Brooklyn was down by 15 points at one point and never had the lead.  Boston wins!


There's a few lessons here to be learned.  (1) You can't buy an NBA championship, and: (2) The "switch" can't simply be flipped on when there's no electricity.

Just ask the Los Angeles Lakers.

Words of Wisdom:  Fade the hype.  Always fade the hype.