Bucs-Packers Postgame Rant

NFL Jan 24, 2021


1.  Tom Brady is the G.O.A.T.  I don't care if you are a fan, or not.  It's now indisputable.  If you don't agree, you don't know sh*t about football.  43 years old, ten Super Bowls, and about to possibly win #7.  

2.  Tamap Bay deserved to win the game.  Period.  They were better in every phase of play.  

3.  Green Bay head coach Matt LaFluer is now on my sh*t list.  Forever.  That decision to kick a FG down 8 points with 2:08 left in the game was mind-boggling.  There is no justication whatsoever for this bonehead move, especially when Aaron Rodgers is the QB.  Sh*t list.  Matt LaFluer.

4.  Take Aaron Rodgers off the Packers, and Green Bay becomes the Detroit Lions.  Yeah, a 5-11 trashbag of mediocrity.  No running game.  Spotty offense line.  Pretty good receivers who get stats because the QB is so good.  And, an average defense that was untested because they faced the likes of Mitch Trubisky and Kirk Cousins in half their games.  What a fraud.

5.  King, who is #20 and plays defensive back for the Packers should have been cut at halftime.  If you saw the game, you undertand this.  Then, in the 4th quarter with Packers desperately needing a stop to get the ball back on 3rd and 4, King grabs the Tampa Bay defender like he's hanging a new set of drapes.  Sh*t list, under LaFluer is #20 King.  G'ddamned garbage.

6.  I liked the refs "letting them play."  I know that's a minority opinion, but I don't want flags determining the outcome.  For the most part, this game was officiated correctly, and I don't always say that after getting my ass kicked on the bets.

7.  Sorry, Joe Buck and Troy AIkman do nothing for me as announcers.  I gain nothing from their commentary.  Two yapping magpies.  Tell me something I don't know.  Give me Chris Collinsorth and please dig up Curt Gowdy, best play-by-play football voice ever, at least this side of Howard David on MNF radio.

8.  Aaron Rodgers can't be blamed, but how the hell doesn't he run the ball in on 3rd and goal with 2:15 left in the game and an open lane to the end zone?  With his experience, he has to realize that's four-down territory.  Oh wait!  Nevermind.  Matt "No Balls" LaFluer is the coach.

9.  Oh, and I'm so happy for Bruce Arians.  I loved him as a coach at Arizona and am very happy he and his staff got to a Super Bowl.  Very underrated coach.  Purely as a fan, I was more pleased to see Arians finally get his due than anything else.  Well deserved.

10.  C'mon Bills.  C'mon Under 54.  I need to break even for the day!