Check Out the Odds for Every NFL Regular Season Game

NFL Aug 24, 2022

It's hard to believe this, but currently has odds on almost every NFL regular season game. Visit right now and bet on any game, including the pointspread and/or total of every game between Sept. 8th (the season opener – Buffalo at LA Rams) and Dec. 22nd (the Jets playing at Jacksonville – which we know you're going to bet on because it's a Thursday night game).

We expect the sportsbooks to post lines and totals for NFL Week 1, even months in advance.

However, what we don't expect is seeing lines and totals for games played late in the season.  How can any oddsmaker know what the proper line should be on a game played in October, November, or December? has posted lines and totals on every NFL game this season up until the holidays.  For serious football bettors, call it, Christmas in August.  We can all go to the betting site now, and bet on lines and totals of any game through December 22nd,


It should be noted that oddsmakers aren't dummies.  They know what they're doing.  Lines are shaded in the direction of what we know about these teams now.

Of course, all that is subject to change.  For instance, the game on December 18th between Kansas City and Houston lists the Chiefs as -10 favourites at Houston. But what happens if QB Patrick Mahomes gets injured during the midseason?  What happens to the line if Houston turns out to be decent and is much better than expected and Kansas City takes a step backward?  Perhaps by December, this line could be close to a pick 'em.  We're not saying that will happen, of course, but the NFL is unpredictable and with injuries and surprises smart bettor with a good eye can take advantage of these early mistakes and misperceptions.

We'll be posting our Season Win Total projections shortly, so stay tuned and come back regularly here to