Christmas in August: This Weekend Presents Plenty of Gifts for Gamblers

Other Aug 01, 2020

The holiday season has come early.  Call today – Christmas morning in August.

After surviving nearly five months without spectator sports and gambling, August 1st comes as a gift to everyone who's been waiting for a "normal" day.

Major League Baseball is well into its second week.  The NBA is entering its third day of games.  And this evening, the NHL will finally drop the puck in the playoffs.  There's also Major League Soccer on Saturday night.

Here's a look at the latest lines and a few thoughts:

Major League Baseball

There are 12 games played today and tonight.

Betting Advice:  Take a close look at betting OVERs today.  Several day games played in hot conditions should help bats.  We also have most of the 4th and 5th starters on team pitching rotations taking the mound today, which doesn't appear to be reflected (as much as it should) in totals.  


The NBA features five games played in Orlando.  

Betting Advice:  After last night's offensive fireworks in every game, that tells me players are ready to play at an up-tempo pace and score baskets.  Totals immediately went up 5-10 points per game after Friday's results.  That might not be enough of an adjustment.  I'm playing most of the team and game totals to go OVER.


The NHL playoffs begin with the new format, as eight series will take place.  Five games are scheduled.

Betting Advice:  Carolina should handle the NY Rangers.  Pittsburgh might be worth a wager at this price.  Edmonton (technically, at home) deserves to be a heavy favorite versus the Blackhawks.  Look to bet the dogs – Florida and Winnipeg, which might have some value at plus-money prices.

Major League Soccer

Soccer was the first sport to return and the tournament brackets are down to the quarterfinals after three weeks of action.  Two games will be played today.

Betting Advice:  We've made some money betting the dogs in these games.  I see no reason not to continue taking plus-money when we can find it.

It's Never Too Late to Make a Bet

The crowded sports betting landscape means some unusual starting times.  With so many sports going, it's possible to miss the start of a game.  So, in-game wagering is always an option.

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