College Football's B*llsh*t Bowl Games Begin Today

Football Dec 21, 2020

Garbage football games with zero fan interest played in empty stadiums – how exciting!

College football's "bowl season" is about to begin.


Littered with at least a dozen garbage games that utterly no one gives a shit about – that is, except for sports gamblers – the loathsome NCAA college football heist machine is grinding forward, full-speed ahead.  What a disgrace.

Squeeze those kids.  Run the TV commercials.  The bowl executives, coaches, and television networks all need to get paid!  Bonuses!  

This afternoon, Appalachian State (7-3) plays North Texas (5-8) in some monstrosity called the "Myrtle Beach Bowl."  What a joke.

Only no one is laughing.  

As college football belches out yet another meaningless bowl spectacle, and the garbage pile bloats from a molehill into a mountain, interest in these games continues to plummet. Television ratings are in a steady decline. Games between mediocre teams take place in empty stadiums, and that was before COVID. Hardly anyone seems to care. Once and for all, it’s time to call out these corporate-sponsored shakedowns and label them for the exploitative scams they are. Let’s also acknowledge that if it weren’t for sports gamblers, almost no one would be watching.

So, how is a FIVE-WIN team even invited a bowl game?  Can anyone possibly explain this?  North Texas shouldn't be rewarded with a bowl berth.  They should be studying game film in a basement with the shades drawn trying to figure out how the hell a team that was listed as "pick'em" somehow lost to the UT-San Antonio Roadrunners by 32 points! North Texas should be firing coaches, not letting them sit in first class en route to a bowl game.

Perhaps that's why this shitty team is getting THREE TOUCHDOWNS as an underdog.

Three touchdowns!

As for the bowl venue, look at this place, which has all the pizzazz of a Walmart parking lot.  Hey, I've seen high school stadiums bigger than this.  

Of course, the stadium size won't matter since few fans will be allowed to attend.  That's a good thing, since no one from North Texas would have shown up, anyway to watch their five-win bust of a team get squashed as 21-point dogs.

Seriously, it's good to have games to gamble on.  We bettors love to be in action.  But that's the only thing about this game that's the least bit interesting.  So, quit pretending anyone in North America is excited about watching the Mean Green play a meaningless afternoon ballgame four days before Christmas.

Which brings me to today's pick:  Bet Appalachian State and lay the points, which will use a terrible North Texas team as a punching bag.  

We'll tear up some more bowl games in the days to come.

Please, NCAA – cap these bowl games off at a dozen – max.  No one gives a flying rat's ass about this game today.  Except for those of us laying -21.

The NHL season can't get here fast enough!