COVID-19 a boon for E-Sports?

Mar 20, 2020

With this global pandemic sweeping the globe, it seems that no one is immune. This sounds like a storyline right out of a Hollywood blockbuster or a new first person shooter.  

Italy, Spain, California and possibly NYC have people being told that they cannot leave their homes.  Social distancing in the new term that has permeated all walks of life and the handshake as we know it has all but disappeared.  

With almost all sports being shut down and major leagues suspending their seasons, what are people to do while being shut in?  The not so obvious answer is E-Sports.  When you think about it, you don't need to be in a crowded arena to play, with broadband access these days, most anyone can watch from anywhere at anytime.

Now you may be asking yourself what is E-Sports truly?  It's not just Counter Strike or Overwatch, but people are playing NBA2K and NHL20 or FIFA20 too.  

Several if not all the NBA teams have fielded E-Sports teams.  With the NBA season stopped, why not have the teams finish the remainder of the season using NBA2K?  Combine the live season record with the remaining games played on 2K and come up with the first ever Real Life/E-Sports NBA Champion.

This is an unprecedented time in history.  Let's use this as a time to reinvent and innovate.  E-Sports could be the next evolution in global entertainment since many have nothing else to turn to.