Don't Be a Square! Buy a Super Bowl Betting Square!

NFL Feb 12, 2022

Get Your Super Bowl Betting Squares, Now!

Don't be a square.  Instead, buy a square!

Remember those crazy office betting pools?  The kids at school at lunchtime collecting quarters?  Recall the game with 100 different possibilities called "betting squares?"

Well, for the first time ever, you can now wager on betting squares in the Super Bowl. But unlike all those times we drew "sucky" numbers, now we get to choose our own teams and numbers.  Action will be good for all four quarters!

If you're new to football squares, this is easy to understand.

Squares means that all the numbers 0-9 are listed on each side of a sheet.  Then, once everyone picks a square (there are 100 possibilities, since 10 x 10 = 100), numbers are randomly drawn.  The goal is to "hit" your numbers in the score of in any quarter.  So, if you have Rams-7 and Bengals-0 in your square and the score is Cincinnati ahead 10-7 at end of the 1st quarter (or any derivative of the last digit), YOU WIN!

At, we don't draw numbers.  Besides, it's too tough going to the office right now.  Instead, you get to pick your own numbers.  Take a look:

See how this works?

Payouts range from nearly 3-1 (on 0-0, which is the most likely number combo) to 70-1 for the less likely combos (CIN-2, LA-5).  So, if the Rams land on 5, 15, 25, 35, 45, etc. for any quarter, and the Bengals score lands on 2, 12, 22, 32, 42, etc. you win a 70 to 1 longshot!

This is a fun way to watch the Super Bowl.  Even if you don't bet the game, having action on squares can be a blast!  

Don't be a square, buy a square!

PRO TIP:  We like either combination of 7-3 to hit at least once.  LAR-7, CIN-3 pays +550.  CIN-7, LAR-3 pays +700.