Live Betting Secret: Down by two goals in an NHL playoff game? No problem!

Hockey Aug 20, 2020

The last few days have produced some stunning comebacks in NHL first-round playoff games.  

No less than four games where one team was behind by two goals produced an amazing reversal of fortune.  Four losing teams came back and retook the lead, and three teams ended up winning outright.  So, next time you have a bet and see your team down by two goals, don't give up.  Anything's possible.

Last night, the Vancouver Canucks were behind 3-1 in the 2nd period.  They ended up winning the game 4-3, and took a 3-2 game lead in the feisty series.

Yesterday, the Columbus Blue Jackets fell behind 2-0 to the Tampa Bay Lightning after one period.  Columbus then dominated the second period, and took a 3-2 lead.  Even though Tampa Bay won a wild game 5-4 in overtime, the Blue Jackets, heavy underdogs, showed they weren't done and never gave up.

A similar thing happened in the Chicago-Vegas game where the Blackhawks were up 2-0 early, but lost the lead and the game when the Golden Knights staged a furious comeback.  Las Vegas won 3-2.

Then, there was the Washington Capitals playing two days ago, which was on the brink of elimination down 3-0 in the series, and fell behind 2-0 to the New York Islanders.  The Caps were left for dead, but incredibly managed to roar back and skate to a 3-2 victory.  Here's how that unlikely comeback began:

Question:  As bettors, can we make money off this recent trend?

Perhaps.  The wacky comebacks could just be an oddity.  However, perhaps there's added value to teams seemingly dead and buried, while a sense of sloppiness and laziness sets in among the players of the winning team.  It's only natural for a team getting humiliated to play with more fury against a team that thinks it may have the game already won.

This sets up some great possibilities for IN GAME BETTING, or LIVE BETTING.  Check out the LIVE menu at SPREADS.CA regularly, where prices are listed on games happening right now.  This isn't just for the NHL.  The live betting menu is active 24/7 on events all over the world.

Even though not all of the games resulted in wins, keep in mind that live betting can be repeated as the game progresses.  You can find many opportunities where you will be in a "can't lose" situation, by having essentially "plus money" on both sides of a bet.  Live betting on NBA games is wonderful (or notorious) for quick changing odds, almost by the second.

Next time a live dog falls behind 2-0 in an NHL playoff game, you might want to pounce and make a bet.  Indeed, live betting is becoming the rage.


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