Fact: The Pittsburgh Steelers are the Worst 11-1 Team in NFL History

NFL Dec 08, 2020

The Pittsburgh Steelers are phonies.  



Sure, they're 11-1 and almost assured of winning their division.  They could even end up as the AFC's top seed, which would mean earning home-field advantage throughout the NFL playoffs, which are just a month away.

But how good (or bad) are the Steelers, really?  They were exposed in the second half of their MNF game yesterday, looking utterly dismal in the closing minutes.

For those who missed the final score, the Washington Football Team won 23-17, winning outright as 10-point underdogs.  The flushing sound you now hear is the Steelers "perfect" season circling down the toilet.

Here's a closer look at the myth of a mirage the Steelers are based on their results this 2020 regular season:

Might there be a lesson here?  

My takeaway:  Fade the Steelers down the stretch.  This team isn't going anywhere, and will certainly be overvalued by oddsmakers based on their misleading W-L record.