Fighting Words: UFC 272

Other Mar 03, 2022

“They’re going to be like, ‘Yeah, I guess Masvidal was right. Colby’s overrated, over-ranked, and f*cking a piece of sh*t individual.’”
-- Welterweight challenger Jorge Masvidal

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) takes center stage in Las Vegas this Saturday with 13 fights on the card.

The first bell rings in UFC 272 at 3:15 pm PT and comes to a crescendo with the Main Event, tentatively scheduled to begin at 9:15 pm PT.

The final feature fight, Covington (16-3) vs. Masvidal (35-15) will determine the Welterweight World Champion. American Colby Covington is a solid betting favourite, currently listed at -325 at A winning wager on longtime veteran Jorge Masvidal as the underdog would return +255.

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At one point in time, the two Welterweight combatants were best friends as well as training partners. But with the 170-pound title at stake (and lots of assorted out-of-the-octagon drama) drove a deep divide between the pals, turning into a bitter rivalry that comes to a head this weekend. Just check out the quote from Masvidal, who doesn't think much of his #1 ranked opponent.

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It's hard to believe Masvidal is now in his 19th year as an MMA fighter. The 37-year-old threw his first professional punch way back in 2003. That's a lot of body blows to absorb over the years.

We don't know of Covington is an "overrated, over-ranked, and fcking a piece of sht individual." Who knows--maybe he is. But we also think Covington is a solid betting value at -325 in this fight against an opponent on the tail end of his long career.