Fore Men [Betting on Canadians at The Masters]

Golf Nov 10, 2020 a rock n' roll at night in the morning we land......

Have there ever been four Canadians in the Masters? I'll have to look. But what I don't have to investigate any further is that there certainly hasn't ever been four Canadians in the Masters in NOVEMBER. So who's in this band anyway?

Mike Weir: the 2003 winner, and only Canadian ever to don the Green Jacket. This week's odds list him, at the time of this writing, on at 1001.00! That's right, a $1 bet on Weirsy to win his second Green Jacket this week earns you $1000 profit. Fun bet, but let's not hold our breath on that one as it seems appropriately priced.

Correy Conners: listed presently with odds of 126.0, a lot less than Weir; but a lot more likely to be there on the weekend. His win in the 2019 Texas Valero Open, where he was a Monday qualifer, punched his ticket into the 2020 Masters in, November.

Adam Hadwin: 201.00 say the oddsmakers. Hadwin qualified for the Masters as he cracked the top 50 for 2019.

Nick Taylor: 401.00 to win the Green Jacket. I find it interesting that he's the Canadian (at least of the ones under 50) with the highest odds of the young crop. He's the most recent winner of the group, having won the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro Am in 2019, to earn his spot at Augusta this week.

Can any of the boys finish in the top 5? If you wanted to bet the win and have a high finish (top 6) reward you as back up, you should bet the EW box on the win.  EW will double your stake, but half of it goes for the top 6 finish, if you bet it before they tee off Thursday. A top 6 finish would have odds equal to 20% of the win odds.

If you don't think your golfer can win but a top 5 finish seems achievable, then you can just bet it as top 5. Those odds are as follows:

Corey Conners 26.0

Adam Hadwin 41.0

Nick Taylor 81.0

Mike Weir 101.0

A full quartet of Canadians at Augusta. I did check, and it's NOT the first time four Canadians have played in the Masters. It's the third time, but it's the first time since 1965.

So good luck to the "fore" men at Augusta this weekend. And if my opening line got that song in your head, here's a great remake of that Canadian classic.