Forget it, Blue Jays -- Your Season is Over

Baseball Jun 17, 2022

Friday night's final score:  NY Yankees 12 – Toronto Blue Jays 3.

Now, the Jays are 11 games out of first.

Poof!  The season is over.

The Toronto Blue Jays were the preseason favourites to win not only the American League East, but also make it to the World Series.  That now seems like such a long time ago.  

Now, a few weeks short of the All-Star break, the Jays are 11 games out of the division lead.  Toronto blew a golden chance in Friday's night loss to the streaking New York Yankees, and now should figure to play for the prize in the box of Cracker Jacks.  

Fact:  Toronto cannot blow chances like they did on Friday night.  Worse, they lost by 9 runs.  At home!

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To be fair, Toronto is still 8 games over the .500 mark.  And, some might say the glass is half full, not half empty.  The trouble is, when a team is trailing in the standings and has a home game with a chance to make up ground, they should give their best effort, not lose by multiple runs.

Toronto has been a disappointment in every way, except perhaps with the top two spots in the pitching rotation.  The Blue Jays SHOULD be competing with the Yankees.

However, they are badly outclassed.

Friday night loss was just the first nail in what may be one of the most disappointing in history for the Blue Jays.