Free "Bet of the Day" Update: With June, that's 8 out of 9 Winning Months

Other Jun 30, 2022

Our free daily picks here at produced a tiny win for the month of June 2022.  We finished with 16 wins and 14 losses (+0.95 units)

We have good news and bad news.

First the good news:  POINTSPREADS.CA has just recorded its 8th winning month out of the last 9 months.  For June 2022, we tallied 16 wins and 14 losses. The net gain based on odds available at SPREADS.CA was +0.95 units.

Okay, so the bad news is – that's a ton of work for a net win of less than one unit. As they say, it's a tough way to make an easy living.

But a win is still a win.  And we will take it.

OUR CHALLENGE:  Please do go around and find FREE DAILY PICKS anywhere that have produced these results over such a long period.  Share them with us.  We want to see the picks and the link and all the results.

We will save you the trouble, you can't.  

(Note:  Email us if you find results better than this)

So, what does this mean for long-term sports bettors?

If you bet every single one of our free picks since October 1, 2021 you'd be 30.80 units over the .500 break-even mark right now.  We measure each pick as ONE units.  So, that's about 30 games over the break-even mark, even with the vig.  Show us better results than that on FREE PICKS.

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June 2022 Recap

In June, we managed to pick slightly more winners than losers.  But we suffered two really bad stretches, including two four-game losing streaks, which really killed the chance for a big month.  He also lost two -200 wagers, one in baseball and another in the NHL playoffs.  We struggled to beat the NHL and NBA finals, which hurt our final tally.

Note that we are 5-3 in the CFL this season.  Those plays tend to be apart from what's posted at the front page in the "Bet of the Day" box.


What's "Bet of the Day" Mean?


Each and every day, our "Bet of the Day" selects one game from the extensive wagering menu.  Sometimes it's hockey or basketball or football or baseball.  It could even be an event played in Europe, South America, or Asia.

‌‌We also provide a short synopsis of why we like that pick and also post the current odds listed at  Sometimes, we also make a full article out of a pick and post it here on


Why Make Free Picks?


Making bets is easy.  Winning bets if tough.  Winning bets over the long haul is really, really difficult.

‌‌Fact is, we want to improve.  We also think it's important to be transparent.  What better way to establish trust with readers than the put a pick out there, give our reasons, and share an experience?  We're lucky to have many followers and bettors and we think the best way to strengthen those bonds is by sharing.

‌‌We're not always right, of course.  We lose our share of games.  But when we win, hopefully a few readers also earn a few bucks.

‌‌Personal Note:  Yes, the person writing this (me) bets every single one of the "Bets of the Day" here in Las Vegas.

FACT:  We're not looking for praise.  If you like what you read, what we would like for you to do is check out the amazing menu of odds and betting options at SPREADS.CA, which is Canada's top sports betting site and online casino.  Better yet, FOLLOW and SHARE us on Facebook.

Our Betting Record


Here's the nine-month full breakdown, which is 100 percent accurate (Oct. 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022):

-- In October, we finished +5.35 units ahead for the month and ended up with a winning record.

‌‌-- Our success continued into November, which produced +4.10 units, and another winning record.

‌‌-- December was our best month of all, showing +6.82 units and another win.

‌‌-- In January, "Bet of the Day" ended with 17 wins and 9 losses, good for +5.35 units.

‌‌-- In February, we ended at 16 wins and 10 losses, which shows +4.95 units of profit.

‌– March ended at 17-14, with a net loss of -1.10 units.  We suffered two bad streaks, a four-game losing streak and three game losing streak.  We suffered a terrible loss on the final ‌day, dropping -3,10 units on the Flames.  Our best win as a +2.40 underdog on Montreal early in March.

-- April was a strange month, with baseball starting. We have spun our wheels in baseball, but have done better on hockey and basketball.  Note that we have 34 bets in all in 30 days.  The reason why there are more "Bets of the Day" is sometimes we post two plays on the same day.  The month ended with 18 wins and 16 losses, but just under one unit (0.80) in profit.

-- May was an up and down month.  We started terribly, going 2-6, for a net loss of -5.55 units.  Later, we enjoyed an 11-3 run.  That put us back into the profit column.  We ended up with 20 wins / 16 losses for a net gain of almost 1.85 units.

-- And June was a fast start, up +4 units early, then a crash with two bad streaks.  We ended up slightly ahead at 16-14 for the month, and .95 units to the positive.

Now, it's on to July!

Keep in mind, all this information from our sports betting analysts is always, totally 100 percent free.  We hope you'll check it out and enjoy the ride!