Game Changer: Our Prediction on Aaron Rodgers and the Packers is Lookin' Good!

NFL Jul 27, 2021

One week ago, we advised POINTSPREADS.CA readers to consider jumping on all futures bets related to the Green Bay Packers and bet them then and there.

Our reasoning was – quarterback Aaron Rodgers would probably show up in training camp and then it would be just a matter of time before he was under contract for another season.

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Well, here we are.  Day One of training camp is here, and Aaron Rodgers showed up ready to don the green and gold of a Packers uniform.

Rodgers showed after ESPN's Adam Schefter reported a likely end to Rodgers' offseason of disgruntlement.  Schefter on Monday detailed an agreement that would include several concessions to Rodgers, including a void of the final year of Rodgers' contract (2023) that essentially sets up a possible trade after this season. That makes the 2021 a possible last-dance situation for Rodgers in Green Bay.

When Rodgers walked into training camp, the Packers were quick send out a Tweet marking the occasion.  Note that Rodgers is decked out in a t-shirt shielded with a scene from the television show, The Office.  A subtle hint perhaps that Rodgers is ready to get back to work?

So, it's now a whole new ballgame.

And yes, Aaron Rodgers is a game changer, not just for the Packers but for every team in the division, and the reigning power alignment of the NFC.  His presence completely alters the odds on the rest of the league.

Note the Packers are now listed at 13-1 to win the Super Bowl (down from 20-1 a few days ago).  In fact, Green Bay is the fourth choice (or 4th best team in the NFL) heading into the season, according to current odds.

Here's the top 10 teams with their odds to win the Super Bowl, according to SPREADS.CA: