Guess Who's Favoured to Win the 2022 World Series?

Baseball Jan 12, 2022

Major League Baseball spring training starts in 6 weeks – which teams are favoured to win it all?

LA Dodgers are the betting favorites, but should they be?

New York teams overrated again – take 2 of top 4 betting spots

The Atlanta Braves don't get any respect.

The defending 2021 World Series champions barely register a blip on the radar screen of bettors.  The Braves rank as the 8th betting choice, according to preseason odds.

Here are the current lines at SPREADS.CA:

Training camps open in six weeks (last week in February).

As is often the case, the two New York teams – the Yankees and Mets – are perpetually overvalued by betting markets.  Inexplicably, the Yanks are 9-1 and the crosstown Mets are 9.5-1.  Those numbers are insane.

Meanwhile, the powerhouse Los Angeles Dodgers probably do deserve going off as the early favourites, especially given their potent lineup and stellar pitching staff. The 2020 champs are 6.5-1 at the moment.

No doubt, the Houston Astros deserve to be in the conversation as one of the top five teams in the majors.  Houston is 9.5-1, just behind the Yankees in the Americal League.

For Canadian baseball fans, Toronto is getting some support this season. Impressed by what we saw last year, the Blue Jays are 13-1 and are the sixth choice in futures betting.

So far as solid teams that have fallen off in the public eye, check out the odds on Boston and San Francisco.  Despite being near the top of the win-loss standings, the Red Sox garner just 18-1 odds.  Bettors are even less impressed with the Giants, which are 22-1 at SPREADS.CA.

As for longshots, a few early candidates that look attractively priced are the LA Angels, who return with a healthy lineup after a season filled with injuries.  They're listed at 28-1.  If you really want a longshot, also check out the other teams in the AL West, Oakland.  Often underrated by the market, this season the A's are 70-1.

We'll have more thoughts on baseball and betting as we get closer to the Major League Baseball season.