Have We Got a Proposition for You....

NFL Feb 03, 2022

Even though the big game is still a week away most of the odds and propositions are already posted at Spreads.ca.  Since props adjust, it's best to get down early in order to take full advantage of soft numbers.

If you can dream about it, there's probably a prop related to it when it comes to this year's Super Bowl between the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams (kickoff next Sunday, Feb. 13, 3:30 PT).  

From the length of the National Anthem (1:58.5) to the coin flip (heads or tails, minus 110), the vast array of betting options extends into the thousands.  At Spreads.ca, the wagering menu is so extensive that you may want to grab or beer (or two) while you scroll through it.

But don't be overwhelmed.  With so many possibilities, there are angles, trends, and other factors that will help in picking winners and (hopefully) producing a profit.

EXPERT PREDICTION (powered by pointspreads.ca):  

We'll cover many props coming up at Pointspreads.ca.  Look for analysis on many different types of wagers which might seem unconventional, but can be profitable.

One bet we're looking at early is the prop on scoring in the First Half vs. Second Half.  Which will have more scoring.  Historically, Super Bowl games have broken wide open in the 3rd and 4th quarters, so bettors may want to lean to the Second Half being higher scoring.