Have you heard the old joke about gambling on table tennis?

Other Nov 17, 2020

The old joke goes something like this....

A sports gambler is down on his luck.  He's lost money betting on everything.

He loses on football.

He loses on hockey.

He loses on basketball.

He loses on baseball.

Nothing goes right.  Every bet seems to lose.

Then one day, he's having a beer at the local pub.  The bartender hears all these bad beat stories and wants to be sympathetic.  He says, "why don't you try something totally different – forget football and hockey – make a bet on table tennis."

"Table tennis?" the losing gambler snaps back.  "What do I know about table tennis?"

You don't have to know anything about table tennis to make a bet.  In fact, maybe that's an omen to shake things up and try something new.

Just don't ask me to pronounce the names of the players.

Photo Credit: CBC.ca

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