Help Wanted: Eight NFL Teams with Major Quarterback Issues

NFL Feb 03, 2023

A quarter of all NFL teams – 8 out of 32 – have uncertainty at the quarterback position heading into the off-season, and presumably going into next year.

Here are the eight NFL teams with unsettled quarterbacking situations for 2023 and where things currently stand:

Carolina Panthers

Who will newly-hired head coach Frank Reich do at QB?  Will he pick the experienced Sam Darnold?  Or give Matt Corral a shot?  What about PJ Walker? Or, will the Panthers bring in a different QB?  Whoever it is, this will be the fifth different QB for Reich in the five seasons he's been a head coach.

Indianapolis Colts

The Colts will have to hire a new coach first (assuming Jeff Saturday is out of the running), but the chances are the Colts will have their 7th different starting QB in seven years on opening day, come next September.

Las Vegas Raiders

What a mess.  Before Raiders' fans screamed for a QB change, perhaps they should ask what alternatives exist.  Backup Jarrett Stidham could easily wind up as the starter here, since longtime vet Derek Carr is going to be playing elsewhere next year.  There's some talk the Raiders could go after Aaron Rodgers.

Miami Dolphins

Tua Tagovailoa’s concussion issues make him a long shot to be the career veteran answer under center for the Dolphins.  Miami has excellent receivers, so this will be an attractive team for free agent QBs.  Lots of talented QB would be interested in playing here.

New Orleans Saints

What a trash heap of disaster.  Andy Dalton has never been more than a mediocre starter on his best day and he will be 36 in October.  Meanwhile, Jameis Winston has started 10 games the last three years and is unlikely to be the piece of the puzzle the Saints need on the offense.  The Saints desperately need to draft a quarterback, or trade for one, which is going to be tough given so many better teams that are more appealing.

San Francisco 49ers

What a shock.  A month ago, we all thought the 49ers were going to head into next season loaded at QB, with three potential starters.  Trey Lance and Brock Purdy are both coming off serious injuries; we would figure that Lance will be the healthier of the two when training camp opens. It's hard to say what will happen to Jimmy Garappolo.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tom Brady is gone.  One must wonder if he realized this team looks ready to implode.  Blaine Gabbert tops their depth chart right now; it's doubtful that is how it will look when next September rolls around.  Also worth noting three teams in the division have major QB issues (maybe 4, including Atlanta).

Washington Commanders

Will Sam Howell take over the starting job next year, after starting in Week 18 of his rookie season?  Carson Wentz, who has failed to live up to potential and looks like he's headed for the bench, could wind up traded to what would be his 4th team in four years, come next fall.