House of Commons Clears the Way for Legalized Sports Gambling

Other Apr 22, 2021

Chances are, if you're reading this:

  1. You're Canadian
  2. You already bet on sports

But we're going to celebrate this news anyway, because anytime sports gambling gains greater public acceptance, we believe that's a good thing.  We also like having our industry regulated and our players protected.

So – yeah Canada!

(Full Disclosure:  This is written by an American who shakes his head that the United States still has a huge number of sports fans with no legal access to sports wagering.)

On 22 April, the House of Commons repealed the longtime ban on single-game sports betting in Canada.

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After an effort that began in late 2020 with multiple bills introduced to reduce and/or eliminate resctions on sports gambling, the House of Commons in Ottawa finally voted to adopt what's known as C-218 on its third reading Thursday evening.  The bill would enable each provincial government to regulate sports gambling within Canada.

“One thing I find attractive about this legislation is the fact this activity is already going on and an opportunity for the government to get involved and generate revenue when done in a legal way.”  -- Mark Gerretsen (Member of Parliament)

Supporters of the measure were ecstatic about the result:

“Since I brought it this could prove to be a historic day for our country, the passage of C-218 would be a clear indication that the elected representatives of the people of Canada believe this is in the best interest of all Canadians, I am hopeful that the colleagues in the Senate will take up this legislation in haste so this outdated prohibition can finally be removed from the Criminal Code of Canada. It is well past time we do so.” -- Kevin Waugh (Member of Parliment and bill sponsor)  

Next, the bill will move to the Senate, for debate and one presumes, a full vote.

Assuming this bill clears the Senate as well, what this means is sports gambling would be left up to each provincial government (and presumably voters) for approval.  However, national oversight and severe restrictions from Ottawa would effectively be no more.

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