I Hate These Commercials!

Other Nov 29, 2021

Can anyone explain why most television commercials featuring sports betting are so awful?

I just don't get it. Car insurance companies make some really good commercials. It would seem that sports betting is a far easier "sell."

As someone who's worked in gambling marketing and promotion for years, recognizing your target audience is absolutely essential. The goal is to reach that audience with an effective advertisement (or extended campaign) that triggers one thing -- ACTION. In other words, you want to entice consumers to TAKE ACTION. That means going to the casino, signing up, and making a deposit. If that fails, then at least create enough curiosity about the product or service that the viewer wants to learn more about it. The very last thing an advertiser wants to do is *turn off* the viewer. But that's exactly what most of the commercials and ad campaigns are doing. They're annoying as hell.

Consider my comments/reviews:

MGM Sportsbook -- At least these ads are somewhat tolerable. Actor Jamie Foxx is hired to be the pitchman for MGM. Yet, he's walking across the Bellagio water pool and fountains (which is somewhat confusing if you don't know the Bellagio is an MGM-Mirage property) while instructing us how easy it is to sign up and play. I give these ads a solid "C" grade, only because the other two Las Vegas-based sports betting ad campaigns are so horrid.

Stations (STN) Casinos -- Instead of hiring a celebrity or a pretty girl or some other enticement for the sportsbook, inexplicably, STN uses a grotesquely annoying punk as their product pitchman. Who is going to be persuaded to sign-up and place a sports bet by this half-shaven 20-something scumbag who looks like a meth shill? These commercial spots, which run constantly here in Nevada, are baffling. The know-it-all is dressed in a leather jacket is super smug as all fuck. He's *precisely* the image of what someone looks like who is a big loser in sports betting. Cocky. Overconfident. No work ethic. He's the type you could fade on picks and make a good living. This could be an effective PR ad if it was campy satire, but it's not. Instead, STN uses this clown as the public face of their sports app, since he's in all the commercials and on all the billboards. Making things worse, there's some techno beat behind him which is a booming distraction while he tells us what we can bet. Perhaps this ad spot appeals to an 18-25-year-old male heavily into the nightclub scene, but is that really the best target sports betting demographic? These ads are astoundingly bad.

Caesars Sportsbook -- If the STN ads get an "F" grade, the Caesars Sportsbook commercials deserve a special place in the subterranean basement of the advertising hall of shame. These spots make no sense whatsoever, provide zero information to consumers, and are geared to....umm....uhhh....who the fuck knows? Nobody can possibly think they're funny or interesting. In the Caesars ad campaign, carious B-List actors are dressed as Roman emperors, gladiators, etc. while holding smartphones talking about sports bets and bad beats. What a monumental waste of JB Smoove's talents. It looks like they cost a fortune to produce with lots of crowds in the background and special effects. I can't even imagine the meeting at the ad agency discussing these scripts, costs, and messaging. Serious Question: Has ANYONE at Caesars Entertainment associated with these ads ever placed a sports bet?

Note:  Read some of the comments below from viewers of these ads.

The exception in all this might be the Wynn Sportsbook commercial, which is pretty good. Lots of star power here. Gets the message across that sports gambling can be a science, a competition, and/or purely for entertainment. Here's the extended cut of the Wynn ad campaign.



From Casino.org:

Jonathan C. August 25, 2021
Who scripted this and pitched this story board?! This new campaign just continues to ruin the once strong Caesars brand. Such a shame... over the last 6 years this brand has continued to decrease in value with their horrible campaigns and this just solidified that they have lost their identity and brand value. Just as bad as the live like a Caesar campaign. Horrible.

Danger August 23, 2021
I sh*t you not, these are THE most annoying and cringe-worthy commercials I've been assaulted with in recent memory. Especially the first one: "I AM! YOU ARE! WE ARE!". What in the hell is that? Fire the advertising company then fire the mouth-breathers who accepted this cesspool of a campaign. Start over now and maybe viewers won't equate Caesars with with nausea-inducing ads.

Ben August 22, 2021
Oh my Lord I hate this ad! I curse at my T. V all day whenever I see it. Who the hell is the advertising company who did this? I will bet ANY other sports booking site than this just because of this obnoxious ad.

Pat August 20, 2021
This ad hits an all time low. It is loud and obnoxious and hardly gets across its connection to the product. I will “bet” that even people who engage in betting will steer clear of this site just from the horrible memories left over from this stupid commercial.

Ed Sholar August 19, 2021
This is the worst commercial I have ever been forced to watch. I turn the volume down every time it airs. NO WAY I would ever do business with this company.

L..CJohnson August 17, 2021
I have disliked this ad from the first time I sAw it. It is continually on all day and night on the channels I watch. Is there a way to get it off of the air. It doesnt make sense and I do not appreciate learning that it promotes Gambling. Please cut the numbers of Ads that spoil my tv viewing. I turn it off immediately as it starts. thank you.

Onceler August 15, 2021
Obnoxious, unbearable, apotheosis of the vulgarization and cheapening of sports through gambling.

Anonymous August 14, 2021
I'm in advertising and this is a BAD commercial.

Cindy Simons August 13, 2021
I hate this screaming loud ad!

joe jones August 11, 2021
The adds and promotion are horrible. I cant stand to watch it and turn it off immediately.....i dont need a caesars with wanna be autocrats dying to be just that...who needs empire glory with all the wing nuts running around. Poor taste and poor marketing. chicken here too...can submit unless we agree to be your database???????????? Pathetic.

Kevin Fitz August 2, 2021
Caesar really bring 2 heavy hitters, 2 comedians on the D List, God I want to drop a Dime on every game now for sure.