Is a Brooklyn-Golden State NBA Finals Inevitable?

nba Jan 06, 2022

Nets and Warriors are now the clear favourites to meet in the 2021-22 NBA finals.

The Brooklyn Nets remain the force of the NBA.

The pre-season favourites to win the 2021-22 championship have stood tall atop the odds board for the entire season and shows no sign of wavering.  

When the season began back in late October, Brooklyn was a +225 favourite to win the title.  Now, at SPREADS.CA, the Nets are +245.

Big Moves Out West

The biggest moves have happened in the Western Conference.  The Golden State Warriors have zoomed to the second-choice on the odds board.  The Warriors began the season at +1000, but have been so impressive that they're now the top seed among gamblers in the West.

Meanwhile, the biggest fall has been the Los Angeles Lakers, inexplicably still at +1200 (which is insane) which is down considerably from +350 (which was perhaps the worst bet in the NBA this entire season).

Repeat Champions?

In case anyone is paying attention, the Milwaukee Bucks, who just so happen to be the defending NBA champions, remain precisely where they were three months ago.  The Bucks are +750.

Here's the full futures odds at SPREADS.CA as of January 6th:

Our Picks (based on odds and value)

So, where's the value?

A few thoughts to consider:

-- The Golden State Warriors might be a good value at 5.5-1.  This is a championship-level team and will likely enter the playoffs as the top seed.

-- If you want longer odds, the Phoenix Suns, last year's runner up, is +750.  that strikes us as a much better value than the Brooklyn Nets.  In other words, we don't think the Nets are THREE TIMES as likely to win as the Suns (+245 vs. +750).

-- Best longshot is easy....the Chicago Bulls at +2100.  Not only has this feisty bunch won 8 straight games, they now have a better record than Brooklyn.