Is It Time to Panic in Vancouver?

NHL Oct 25, 2022

The Canucks have lost all 7 games this season. They're the only winless team in the NHL. So, what went wrong?

The Vancouver Canucks came into the 2022-23 season with higher hopes.  Ranked in the middle of the pack among teams, fans and bettors of the Canucks hoped for Bruce Boudreau's club to improve steadily and exceed expectations.  Many media outlets that cover the Canucks even predicted Vancouver could make the playoffs, and then pull off a surprise or two.

However, two weeks into the season, Vancouver's new beginning has been a nightmare.  The Canucks have played seven games, losing all of them.  Two of the losses came in overtime.  Vancouver has surrendered 30 goals, which is among the NHL's worst goaltending rankings.  

The only positive spin on the Canucks' miserable 0-7 record is that 4 of those loses were by a single goal.  So, with a break or two, Vancouver could have been closer to a .500 team, right now.  Nonetheless, that's putting things in the best possible light.  

bottom line is -- this has been a horrendous start to the season, which is made even worse by the fact that Vancouver is the only Canadian team with a losing record at the moment.  All the other teams have 3-3 records, or better.

Betting markets have reacted unfavourably to the Canucks' struggles.  Futures prices at plunged on Vancouver -- on winning the Stanley Cup, winning the conference, winning the division, and making the playoffs.  Fans aren't happy either.  A

fter Vancouver's 5-1 loss at home to the Sabres, they were booed off the ice at Rogers Arena and multiple jerseys were thrown from the stands to the ice in protest, in what's become a circus-like tradition for fans.

Here's the latest odds at on the Canucks making the playoffs – which is down to 2-1 odds against:

There's little to inspire confidence or suggest will change anytime soon.  The Canucks will have to overcome multiple lineup absences to win their first game of the season.  Defenseman Quinn Hughes is listed as "week-to-week," with a lower-body injury. Forward Brock Boeser is "day-to-day" with an undisclosed injury.  The BC bunch is also without defensemen Tucker Poolman, who has an ongoing issue with migraines.  Then, there's Travis Dermott, who suffered a concussion during training camp.

The next week gives Vancouver an opportunity to quiet some of the criticism.  They face teams that are also struggling.  These are all winnable games.  Heading into November, the Canucks will face Seattle, Anaheim, and New Jersey.  All of those teams can be defeated.  Pittsburgh is also on the schedule, but that game is at home.  So, all four games do offer some hope.

Nevertheless, it's time to panic in Vancouver.  The Canucks must play better.  

This next week will tell us if the Canucks have a season ahead worth watching and hoping.