Is the 2020 NBA Season Done?

Basketball Aug 27, 2020

After last night's cancellation of three playoff games, most fans and bettors expected a quick rebound, anticipating that action would resume today, on Thursday.  But it now appears we may have seen our last game of an already-shorted season.

NBA players, led my members of the Milwaukee Bucks, opted to boycott their playoff game on Wednesday night in response to the ongoing protests on race and justice in America.  The Orlando Magic, the opposing team, were on the floor in pregame warm-ups when the announcement came there would be no playoff match.  That triggered the cancellation of others NBA games last night, and now, indications are – the season might be over with no champion is mid-stride.

Even Kenny Smith, the popular NBA television analyst walked off the set last night, in solidarity with the players:

Today, even NBA referees marched in support of the boycott:

"What do you say when words are not enough, when gestures are no longer sufficient? What happens when your actions are no longer seen, your words fall on deaf ears and all that is left is unsatisfied justice?  
Don’t play."

-- William C. Rhoden (New York Times sports columnist)

So, where does this leave us?

Will there be an NBA playoffs and finals?

Is the 2020 season now over?

We should know the answers to these questions later today.  Stay tuned.