It's Not Bragging if You Back It Up: Pointspreads' "Bet of the Day" Wins Again!

Other Dec 17, 2020

Back to back big dog winners!

Fresh off an incredible 11-to-1 shot that cashed the previous day (READ HERE), our "Bet of the Day" won big again – also as a sizable underdog.

On Wednesday morning, we advised readers to bet Everton in the English Premier League (soccer) as an underdog that was attractively priced at (risking) $100 to win (a profit of) $255 in the game.

Well, look here!

Final score:  Everton wins 2-0!

The "Bet of the Day" is an exclusive daily feature located at the right side of the Main Page.  It's listed right below the feature stories.  

Every day, we post bets we think are attractively priced, including long shots, which are worth considering.  The feature is also posted directly on the SPREADS.CA page, which takes all the action.

Our "Bet of the Day" picks are ahead over the past two months, though picking sports winners can always be volatile.  How's that for a free offering, with a link straight to the sports book?

No, this isn't touting, or selling picks.  We don;t do that.  Rather, it's our way of providing up-to-date sports betting information information and hoping that some of our friends take advantage and make some money.

On to Thursday....