It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Other Dec 24, 2020

With barely more than a week remaining in 2020, sports fans and bettors are blessed with many gifts and have lots to be thankful for.

Consider unwrapping these presents in the coming days ahead:

-- Week 16 and Week 17 of the NFL regular season, followed by the playoffs in January.  Defying warnings and many predictions, it looks like we're going to make it through a full season – and it's been spectacular!

-- College football's bowl season is underway.  We know most of these games are garbage dumpsters, but at least we can be in action.  It's strange watching teams sporting 4-8 records getting invited to bowl games.  At least we can bet against them and make some money.

-- The NBA tipped off its regular season last night, which launches what's expected to be a slightly-abbreviated 72-game season, with the playoffs coming in their usual summer time slot.  Best of all, the games are being played in home arenas, although fans will be limited, if not restricted altogether.  Nonetheless, this looks to be an intriguing season ahead, with perhaps ten teams capable of winning it all.

-- The NHL recently announced that we're going to have hockey in 2021.  Hooray!  The shortened season will begin on January 13th.  It will be fascinating to watch teams compete in new divisions for the time being, especially the seven-team all-Canada division.  It's going to be "hockey night" for every Canadian for four months straight!

-- College basketball is entering mid-season stride, with hundreds of games this week.  This is a sports betting junkie's dream – games every day and night, in every time zone.  No matter that we don't know anything about them.  There's a line and a total, so that's an opportunity to bet!

-- Still not satisfied?  Try this:  Bandy.  That's right – Bandy.  READ MORE HERE

-- If that's not enough, there's always the most popular sport in the world.  That other kind of football; what we call soccer.  Here at Pointspreads on our daily free picks, we've been tearing up the English Premier League.  Let's hope this success continues.  

Okay, so there's little or no golf.  We can wait another month.  Better yet, we can go out on the golf course and play a round – if you live in Las Vegas like I do.  Which reminds me, it's tee-time.  

Merry Christmas!