Making Money at the Masters: Our Best Bets

Other Apr 07, 2021

Happy Masters’ Week Spreaders!

There are a lot of bets for your enjoyment on the Green Jacket this week.  Who will win it, who won’t make the cut, who will do best out of a grouping of 3 or 4 others.....there are 158 total markets on The Masters at this moment.  

Oh what fun!  It is without a doubt the most fun week to bet on and watch golf of the year.

Off the top, we’ve got three Canadians in the mix this week.  Of course, 2003 champion, 🇨🇦  Mike Weir, will be there as he’s earned that right for life as a holder of the coveted Green Jacket.  Alongside him will be 🇨🇦  MacKenzie Hughes, and the hot hand of 🇨🇦  Corey Conners, who’s been making it to the top of the leaderboards in the last couple of months.

So, that above is simply a bet between the Canadian contenders who will perform best this week, and as I mentioned, Corey has the game as of late so he’s the favourite of that threesome.

There are so many bets on The Masters available this week that it’s best to have a look before the start on Thursday and peruse the offering yourself.  Here’s how to find all the action:

Choose Golf under ‘all sports’ in the menu.  It’s the one with the trophy icon...


...along the top menu bar.

Choose Golf
Then chose All Leagues or Top Leagues

You’ll see this:

Either of those will get you to US Masters in the listings

Select Outrights on the menu bar. Then you will be able to laterally scroll through a ton of different bets, like these:

You can scroll infinitely sideways as it’ll cycle through all the categories and of course at any time you can select the bet you want by tapping on it and it’ll open up that category for vertical scrolling. I’m of course assuming and explaining how this is done on mobile. If you’re using a mouse on a computer, that works too.

Some of the really fun ones are bets that group players into nice little quick picks. For example, you get anywhere from 3.40 to 6.50 if any of these beasts win the Green Jacket. Not bad!

I’ll leave it at that for Masters selections.  Go check it out for yourself and see what all the fuss is about!

Moving on to other action later in the week, we’ve got baseball, hockey, basketball in play, just not in Vancouver as the Canucks are double digit players and staff in Covid protocol.

For April 7th and 8th, here’s the action in the NHL’s North Division:

Take note that Montreal is playing back to back. That’s a nice spot for Winnipeg coming off rest with their Vancouver series postponed and Montreal going twice in 24 hours. 2.20 on Winnipeg on the second game for Montreal? Yes please.

And having not focused on this before, did you know that also posts lines on Canadian Junior games? We’ve got WHL and QMJHL as well. Just check it out under All Leagues in the Hockey listings.

Onto the NBA. But since today is about weird and hidden markets you may not know about, let’s continue that lesson. As NBA odds are posted on the day so oddsmakers know who’s in and who’s out and who’s on “load management” as they say, what’s available in the time in-between are all sorts of markets for the end of year, such as who will be the league’s MVP. Feels to me there’s some value in here. Lillard at that price? Hmmmm.

Onward to baseball. Like basketball, the odds are set each day, so here’s a look at Wednesday’s odds on the Blue Jays in the MLB:

And finally Spreaders, if you’re the one looking to hit a home run this week, look no further than Mega Moolah for your shot!

Good luck everyone and enjoy the Masters, and whatever else you have on your weekend sports plan!