Dallas Mavericks Smash NBA Record with 50-Point Halftime Lead (which really sucks if you had Clippers -3 in the 1H)

Basketball Dec 27, 2020

Imagine if someone offered you a wager on the LA Clippers, favoured in the game, playing at home, and +49 points – in the first half.  That's right – the Clippers, who are forecast as one of the NBA's top teams, plus 49.  And that's just for the opening 24 minutes.

How much of your net worth would you wager?  

Most of us would take every penny we owned and pound the Clippers.  Honestly, I'd probably max out every credit card (that isn't already maxed out) and mortgage my house.

Well then, I'd be both broke and homeless.

Halftime Score:

Dallas Mavericks – 77

Los Angeles Clippers – 27

From NBA.com:

Even Forbes covered the story:

The LA Clippers down by 50 at the half?  What next?  

Anyone want to bet against the NY Jets winning two straight games?  If so, give me a call.

It just goes to show – 2020 has been a really strange year.