EGaming: Modern Warfare Update Brings Back Fan Favourite Features

Aug 08, 2020

Good news for gamers!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, including the free Warzone battle royale mode, has been updated as of July 28th.

The popular first-person shooter developed by Infinity Ward and released by Activision has rolled out a new/old set of playlists including previous fan favorites like Shipment 24/7, Shoot House 24/7, and Gunfight 3v3 Knives Only.  There is also a Gunfight (no Blueprints) playlist, a Deathmatch Domination, and Drop Zone combination playlist.

Fans who have been playing Modern Warfare since May will remember the Gunfight 3v3 Knives Only playlist, which many players were frustrated to see removed.  That frustration extended to the removal of Shipment 24/7 and Shoot House 24/7, playlists that included a mosh pit of game modes, including Team Deathmatch, Hardpoint, Kill Confirmed, Grind, and Cranked, on either map. These two playlists, back once again, replace the previous Shoot The Ship playlist, which was a mix of the two maps.

The developers at Infinity Ward have also created a combination playlist of the Deathmatch Domination and Drop Zone modes.  Deathmatch Domination combines—you guessed it—the Team Deathmatch and Domination modes, allowing players to not only rack up kills, but also capture the objectives to gain points.  

Drop Zone has similarities to Hard Point, where teams earn points by being inside the hard point, or in this case, the drop zone.  However, in Drop Zone, killstreaks can only be earned through random care packages that drop within the zone.

The Gunfight (no Blueprints) playlist is just a revamped take on the Gunfight playlist of old, except now players cannot bring their own weapons into the game.

Infinity Ward has also updated the free Warzone battle royale game to include a new playlist, Plunder: Blood Money Trios, which replaces Plunder Quads.  The classic Solos, Trios, and Quads playlists are still up and running.  In the Plunder mode, players’ objective is to earn over $1 million in money obtained from contracts and killing other players, with the safety net of unlimited respawns.

In addition to the playlist update announcement, Infinity Ward has also issued a warning that more bans will be slapped on cheating players, who have become more and more common as of late.  A list of penalties for cheating can be found on the Activision website.

Season 5 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is expected to launch on August 5th, and the annual reveal of the new COD game, this year’s Black Ops Cold War, may also be uncovered in the coming weeks.

-- Kyle King


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