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Other Dec 07, 2020

Previous Day’s Record: 0-2-1

Overall Record:  23-22-5

The English Premier League is the football version of the Hunger Games.  As of the time I am writing words as the scribe of this distinguished space of wagering predictions on Sunday afternoon, the first place and 11th place teams were separated by a mere eight points.  By contrast, the 16th and 20th place teams were separated by nine points.

Is it too hard to ask for some clarity in this crazy world of ours?  Oh, it is?  Never mind, then.

Moving on to the Best Bets of the Day, which have stood tall with a winning record ever since it started four months ago.  Take that, unpredictable nature of the game of chance.

Here we go with both American and real football.


Brighton (2.45)  vs  Southampton (3.00) Draw (3.35)

Brighton and how did we get stuck with this shitty match to close out the week?

Remember the 16th place team I mentioned?  That’s Brighton.  They have two wins in 10 matches and both of them were on the road against Newcastle and Aston Villa.  They play at home today, normally that would be a good thing…but it’s clearly not.

Southampton is coming off a brutal 3-2 loss at home to Manchester United.  They were winning 2-0 at the half and then they promptly crapped all over themselves allowing three goals in 30 minutes including the game-winner by Uruguay’s prodigal son Edinson Cavani.

Having said that, I was surprised by the odds because Southampton clearly is the better team and has a chance to leapfrog over United in fifth place with a win. Brighton is just irrelevant.

My pick:  Brighton and Hove  1 – 2  Southampton


Eibar  (2.50)  vs  Valencia (3.10) Draw (3.15)

Talking about parity, Valencia is currently the Brighton of Spain in 16th place BUT could jump nine…nine! spots in the standings surpassing the not-so-mighty Barcelona with a victory.

The problem is that Eibar kind of owns them lately with a 5-1-2 head-to-head record dating back to 2017.  They did split both their meetings with respective 1-0 wins by the home team last season.

Having said that, Eibar’s offense is anemic with just eight goals in 11 matches compared to Valencia’s 17, which are the same as third place Real Madrid’s. I’m going with another road upset.

My pick: Eibar  0 – 1  Valencia


Pittsburgh Steelers  vs  Washington Football Team

The Steelers are the lone undefeated team standing. They have a bullseye on their back, a pissed off head coach that called their latest performance a “junior varsity” effort, and here comes America’s hero Alex Smith on his white horse to bolster the team that shall not be named (no, really, they have no name) and slay the NFL’s giant.

Seriously, think about it: Washington hasn’t played since Thanksgiving and they won that game against the Cowboys in blowout fashion.  Pittsburgh barely squeaked by against the backup Ravens in a physical game five days ago, and they suffered critical injuries on defence.

Quirky factoid of the day:  The Steelers are on a six-game winning streak head-to-head against Washington and they haven’t lost this particular match-up since dial-up internet was all the rage in 1991.

Having said that, I think the Football Team establishes its running game and Alex Smith will make enough plays on third down to keep the Steelers offence on the sideline.

Do I dare call a third straight road upset in two different sports?  Yes, I dare.

My pick: Washington  24 – 21  Steelers

-- by El Hombre

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