Monday Morning Quarterback: Thoughts on NFL Week 4

Football Oct 05, 2020


(1)   Surprise!  Top Three surprise teams through the first month of NFL action:  1. Buffalo; 2. Cleveland; 3. Carolina (yeah, because everyone thought this would be a horrible team, but they're 2-2)

(2)   Yuck! Top Three disappointments through the first month of NFL action:  1. The entire NFC East; 2. Houston; 3.  Minnesota

(3)   "Little D":  Dallas sucks, especially the defense.  No Dallas team in the 60-year history of the franchise has surrendered more points than the Cowboys have in their last three games.  This is fun to watch if you despise Dallas.  No dance is more fun that doing the tango while Jerry Jones stews in the owners box watching his personnel and management decisions explode in his face.

(4)   Statistics Don't Matter:  Proving that statistics don't mean shit anymore in the NFL, the Cowboys are 1-3, but should be 0-4 except for the Falcons special teams blowing a sure-win a few weeks ago.  Yet, they are #1 in the NFL in team offense.  Dak Prescott threw for a whopping 508 yards today, and 4 touchdowns.  Meanwhile, QB Mayfield passed for 165 yards.  From that, one would expect Dallas won big.  Yet, the Browns destroyed the Cowboys.

(5)   What Happened to Defense?  High-scoring games are getting ridiculous.  Scoring records are going to be smashed at this pace.  I predict we will start seeing some game totals in the 60s soon, which is unprecedented in the NFL.  Something may need to be done in the off-season about the imbalance, but we'll see how this plays out the remainder of the season.

(6)   Guts:  Sunday's Gutsiest Performance:  Cleveland Browns.  49 points scored.  A double-digit road victory.  A 3-1 W-L record.

(7)   Gutless:  Sunday's Most Gutless Performance:  The miserable Arizona Cardinals.  What a disgraceful effort at Carolina.  Cardinals are supposedly loaded with talent on offense and Panthers has all kinds of injuries on what already was a terrible defense.  So, Arizona comes off a loss and is favored, they go out and shit the bed.  It's one thing to lose the game, but falling behind by three touchdowns to Carolina is inexcusable!

(8)   MVP: Player of the Week:  Tie -- Teddy Bridgewater (all he does is win, check out his career W-L record as a starter)....Tom Brady (five touchdown passes today)

(9)   Random comments: Cincinnati has reason for optimism, despite being 1-2-1.....Las Vegas is a fraud....Chicago is a fraud.....Indy might be the darkhorse team in the AFC, especially of they're the only team in the league that seems to play defense....New Orleans is very tough to figure out right now....Tampa Bay -- after that terrible start, wow!....How does Adam Gase (NY Jets head coach) still have a job!

(10)    Top to Bottom: My NFL top ten and bottom five (based entirely on on-the-field results, not power ratings):

(1)  Kansas City (easy)
(2)  Seattle
(3)  Green Bay
(4)  Buffalo
(5)  Tennessee
(6)  Pittsburgh
(7)  Baltimore
(8)  Indianapolis
(9)  LA Rams
(10) New England

(28)  Jacksonville and Houston (tie)
(29)  Washington
(30)  Atlanta
(31)  NY Giants
(32)  NY Jets (easy)