Monday Night Football Ends its 51st Season: A Look Back

NFL Dec 29, 2020

Last night's NFL game between Buffalo and New England marked the final game on Monday Night Football this season.  The iconic sports attraction has now completed 51 years and it remains one of television's most popular programs.

Earlier this year, we looked back at the storied history of Monday Night Football.

Ranking the Best and Worst Monday Night Football Announcers [Video]

Who are the *best* and *worst* announcers in Monday Night Football history?

MNF, which began as an American sports program in 1970 but has since been expanded to several other countries including Canada, began its 51st season last night.  So, it's a perfect time to take a look back on the storied history of one of the most popular sporting traditions ever with an in-depth discussion on how MNF has changed over the years with a ranking of announcers, past and present.

Host Nolan Dalla welcomes guest expert Paul Harris, who has more than 40-years of experience broadcasting in New York, Washington, and St. Louis.