Monday Night Football Pick: "Da Bears"

NFL Nov 08, 2021

Coming off a 4-2 Sunday (and 39-31-1 on the season), I’m making a late play in the Monday Night Football game because the line has moved and we’ve definitely got reason to make this wager.


It’s really tough to pull the trigger and bet real money on the woeful Bears, who look so inept at times, especially on offense.  Chicago has played poorly their last few games (getting crushed by Tampa Bay and losing badly at home vs. San Francisco), but now has a chance to crawl back to some respectable level with a win on MNF.  I’m not saying they’ll get the upset victory tonight, but this game should be closer than the line (-7) suggests.  Question:  Since when does Pittsburgh deserve to be favored by -7 over anybody?  Yes, the Steelers won last week (and 3/4) despite yet another poor offensive effort and horrendous coaching ineptitude by not having a stand-by kicker in uniform that could have cost them the game (READ MORE HERE).  Pittsburgh's offensive line is a disaster.  The running game is non-existent.  QB Ben Roethlisberger is missing open receivers and making poor judgments.  Pittsburgh’s offense ranks 26th in scoring and 18th in total yardage.  I don’t see how they merit laying a touchdown against anybody.  It’s been a wacky Week 9, so far, with lots of upsets.  I’m hoping for one more — or at least a close game.  So, I’ll grab the points with the risky underdog expecting the favourite to stay withing the -7 margin.